Yeah, am I clear enough for ya?Why niggas look mad?Y’all supposed to be happy I’m freeY’all niggas look like y’all wanted me to stay behind the vailHo bustas![Verse 1: 2Pac]Picture me rollin’ in my 500 BenzI got no love for these niggas, there’s no need to be friendsThey got me under surveillanceI swear somebody be tellin’Know there’s dope bein’ sold, but I ain’t the one sellin’Don’t want to be another numberI gotta puff a gang of weed to keep from goin’ underThe federales wanna see me deadNiggas put prices on my headNow I got two Rottweilers by my bed, I feed ’em leadNow I’m released, how will I live?Will God forgive me for all the dirt a nigga did, to feed kids?One life to live, it’s so hard to be positiveWhen niggas shootin’ at your cribMama, I’m still thuggin’, the world is a war zoneMy homies is inmates, and most of them dead wrongFull grown, finally a man, just schemin’ on waysTo put some green inside the palms of my empty handsJust picture me rollin’Flossin’ a Benz on rims that isn’t stolenMy dreams is censored, my hopes are goneI’m like a fiend that finally sees when all the dope is goneMy nerves is wrecked, heart beatin’And my hands are swollenThinkin’ of the G’s I’ll be holdin’; picture me rollin’