Global Googling 143

Dutch, Danish, Zulu, Korean, Welsh, German, French, Arabic, Hebrew, Latvian, Lithuanian, Romanian, Slovenian, Russian, Finnish, and English Latin, Klingon, Elmer Fudd, and the Swedish Chef’s “Bork, Bork, Bork!”-they looked on Google for everything from the basic necessities of food and shel- ter to commerce, education, leisurely pursuits, and of course, sex

Around the world, businessmen, investors, and their lawyers would consider themselves fools to do a deal without googling the other party. Authors writing books, including this one, find facts and files fast using Google. High-ranking government officials use it to find documents themselves instead of asking aides to track them down. When scientists attack certain vexing problems, they google the genetic code to discover relationships they didn’t know existed. Teenagers eager to know the words to a popular song sim- ply google it. Accomplished chefs and hungry hacks with leftovers in the refrigerator google the ingredients to figure out what meal to whip up quickly. CIA agents use Google to track terrorist groups. Software engineers turn to Google to answer computing questions instead of opening a book or asking a colleague. Pa- tients google their ailments. Employees google their bosses. Ath- letes google their competition. And globe-trotters and armchair travelers alike use Google to learn about far-off destinations with-

out ever leaving home.